Join us at the 2nd annual Sysdig CCWFS – The Hands-On Container Conference

This community-driven event is focused on the hands-on container practitioner as well as the strategic thinker. This educational event will bring together organizations using containers, those who are thinking about containers, and Sysdig lovers as well. The event will be deep, enlightening, hands-on, and generally awesome.

What should you expect? We think that we can pack a lot into a couple days, so you can simultaneously step up your container knowledge and skills big-time, have some fun, and meet some great people.  We promise to keep you well feed and hydrated.

Attend for these hands-on technical sessions

  • Containers Using containers in production, developing with containers, moving from dev to production
  • Microservices Use-cases, how to architect, impact of moving to microservices, and how to align IT org
  • Container monitoring Use-cases, developer and operation perspectives
  • Orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm)
  • Container security
  • Container troubleshooting